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Personalized Engagement at scale

DeKode AI

DeKode is leading the way for brands to hyper-personalize their user engagement with immersive and cutting edge technology for conversations at scale. Train, launch & optimize in minutes. 


Virtual Humans converse with your customers in real time, representing your content & brand online, giving them confidence in their purchases.


Empowered, Confident Customers

No more monologues
Engage every visitor in a conversation, understand what they want, and give them a personalized experience

Personalized recommendations

Virtual humans make product recommendations based user preference and custom knowledge

Conversational AI
Create an immersive & personal experiences that satisfies humans conversational needs at scale


Eliminate Uncertainty, Increase Conversion

86% of users want to talk to a company representative

before making an online purchase. 


Equip customers with the information, expertise, and assurance required to confidently navigate intimidating online purchases.


Purchasing decisions are based on emotions, DeKode AI gives your customers a friendly, informative and conversational experience. 


Streamlined Customer experience

Lead your customers to their desired destinations effortlessly with intuitive AI conversations.

Enable your AI Virtual Presenters to communicate seamlessly in your customer's language with multi-lingual support.

Incorporate advanced LLMs, generative AI, chatbots, and a myriad of other AI tools to maximize your returns on investment.

Our Impact

Unforgettable engagements that drives successful transactions.

DeKode's Virtual Presenters have delivered remarkable outcomes for our clients, such as


increase in engagement, and web engagement.


online conversion rates and increased average sale values.


reduced cart abandonment rates, and improved upselling, cross-selling.

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